What I Can Do for Your Pet

The Full Groom

Starting from £40

This includes - bath brush and dry, nail clip, ear clean and eye clean and haircut dependent on coat type. Small size dogs £40
Medium size dogs £50
Large size dogs £60

Xl Size Dogs £70
Prices are dependent on the condition of the dog coat ie matts, temperament and if the dog has fleas and ticks

Bath n Fluff

Starting from £20
This includes bath and dry and brush, perfect for in-between grooms or if your furry friend just loves to get mucky on walks.
Small smooth-haired dogs £20 / Small fluffy friends £23
Medium smoothed haired £25 /Medium fluffy friends £27
Large smoothed haired £30 / Large fluffy friends £35 / Xl £45

Prices are based on basic shampoos, prices will be increased if a shampoo upgrade is chosen and if an aftershave/perfume add on is added.

Other services

Nail clip: 


Blueberry facial

 £12 - includes a massage and a luxurious facial shampoo that’s tear-free and smells amazing and full of goodness for your dog's coat and skin

The paw upgrades

£15 - this includes nail clip/file and paw hydrating butter or oil-dependent on your furry friend's paws.


£15- Feet Face Bum tidy - this is the perfect add on or just for a quick tidy up - this includes a face tidy and hygiene trim and a tidy of the paws.

The Shampoo upgrades

£7 - with a wide range of shampoos from the best for your woolly coated furry friend to the best for coat and skin health to the best for deep cleaning.

The De-Shed package

Small / Medium dogs £10 Large to Xl dogs £15 This includes the best De-shed shampoo and conditioner followed by a de-shed brushing session.

Flea Shampoo

£12 - this Is in case your furry friend has any fleas. We do ask all customers if flea and

worm treatment is up to date, but sometimes this can’t be helped, we’d always highly recommend this treatment if fleas are discovered on your furry friend at the salon.


£3 - all doggy friendly and smell amazing.

Cancellation Policy

If you are UNABLE to make your appointment, please contact us 48 hours before the appointment to avoid a fee. 

If you are late for your appointment this may result in a reschedule and a missed appointment fee. 

Fees will need to be paid before your next appointment can be booked. 

We may also request a deposit for future bookings.