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How it works

Our Unique Approach to Dental Care

Discover the revolutionary dental cleaning and oral hygiene system offered by Emmi-pet. With our patented technology, we're introducing a whole new way to care for your pet's teeth without the need for brushing or abrasive actions. Our gentle and motionless method sets a new trend in dental care.

At the heart of our innovation lies the Ultrasonic Piezo-Chip, a globally unique patent developed by Emmi-dent. This remarkable chip, housed in the head of our ultrasonic toothbrush, generates an impressive 96 million ultrasonic waves (air vibrations) per minute.

As these ultrasonic waves travel through the bristles of the toothbrush head, they interact with Emmi-pet's specially formulated toothpaste, giving rise to the formation of micro bubbles. These tiny bubbles, in turn, respond to the air vibrations and undergo implosions.

These implosions play a crucial role in effectively removing food particles, plaque, and bacteria from your pet's mouth. With Emmi-pet, you can combat various dental issues such as gingivitis, periodontitis, oral cavity diseases, plaque buildup, and even bad breath.

Our Pricing Options:

  1. Consultation Session: £59.95

    • Includes your dog's own toothbrush head

    • Introduction to the Emmi-pet system

    • Teeth cleaning during the session

  2. Subsequent Sessions: £29.95 per session

    • Recommended to have a minimum of three sessions for optimal results

  3. Package Deal: £269.95 for ten sessions

    • Enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing sessions as a package

Experience the difference of Emmi-pet and give your pet the exceptional dental care they deserve. Book a consultation session today and embark on a journey towards healthier teeth and a happier smile.

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